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There's a snowball, and it's rolling down the hill. You have to get the snowball to the finish line as fast as possible!
Sounds easy, right? Snowballing Out of Control! is a game that takes that simple concept and makes it a bit more difficult.

When the snowball rolls on snow, it picks up the snow and gets heavier. The heavier the snowball is, the more difficult it is to move. Roll the snowball on grass to drop some snow and get lighter!

There are also trees and snow banks in the way. If you hit a snow bank, you'll pick up a lot of snow and slow down. If you hit a tree, something disastrous will happen. Try your best to avoid them!


  • A/Left - move left
  • D/Right - move right
  • R - restart


1.0.2 (4 December 2017) - added support for software OpenGL.

1.0.1 (3 December 2017) - minor fixes for physics bugs.

1.0.0 (3 December 2017) - initial release.

Install instructions

This game requires Java.


Snowballing Out of Control! 1.0.2 Standalone 6 MB

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